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We specialise in the turnkey supply of water and wastewater treatment plants, biogas to energy projects, sludge beneficiation and operation and maintenance contracts. WEC Projects is your preferred EPC contractor in the water and wastewater industry.

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Approximately 1 billion people on planet earth are without healthy drinking water. The fact is, in the developing world, 90% of wastewater is discharged into natural water courses untreated. This not only affects the quality of surface water, but the quality of underground water too.

This continuous abuse of our finite water resources has created a shortage of supply for our economy and our people with devastating consequences. WEC Projects plays an important role in providing for these needs in SA and abroad.

WEC Projects plays an important role in providing for needs such as water and wastewater purification and processing, environmentally-friendly treatement and Biogas to Energy projects, and specialised operation and maintenance solutions - both in South Africa and around the world.

  • Water Treatment: Conventional Treatments, Membrane Technology Solutions and Municipal Water Treatments
  • Sewage Treatment: Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants, Municipal Sewage Treatment and Alternative Treatment Technology
  • Biogas to Energy: Municipal, Landfill, Industrial or Agricultural Applications
  • Operation and Maintenance: Customised, Complete and Comprehensive
  • Sludge Beneficiation: Handling, Treating and Disposing of Sludge from Water and Waste Water Treatment Works
  • Nereda Technology: Innovative and advanced biological wastewater treatment technology